Why Blog?

I never saw a need to blog, nor really understood the why.  Reading another teacher’s blog is great when you need to learn something, but why post my thoughts?  Who would care?  But after becoming involved with the Ontario PLP community this fall, I am beginning to get it. These folks air their beefs, discuss what’s worked in the classroom and where they want to go next.  Makes sense!  My students and I have stumbled and conquered together on a number of cool projects.  So yes, reflecting and celebrating are good reasons to blog.  But for me, most importantly, I want to remember this journey, and with a memory like mine, that means writing it all down and… well….blogging.   So now I get it.   Blogging for me is my permanent travel log as I paddle through these somewhat murky and sometimes clear waters.

Paddling with my son, Dunlop Lake/09


4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Great blog Heather. It’s funny, we’ve been told in this PLP that we have to make it more about ourselves, and I’m still thinking about how I can use all this in the class with my students. Likewise with blogging. The closest I’ve come to blogging is to do an online reading journal to model the kind of responses I’d like to see from my students. Your entry here shows me again, that we need to think of ourselves. I think using the blog as your ‘permanent travel log’ is a great idea. I look forward to seeing how your travels go.
    Who knows, maybe I’ll steal your idea and finally start to blog myself!


  2. Good job Mrs. D!!!! The more people that see this will get more interested in blogs, using internet (like Google docs) and see how much fun it is!!! Your an AWESOME teacher!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Heather,
    I saw your comment on another blog and flew over here to see YOUR blog. And you teach middle school too! So do I. I am the library media specialist in my middle school here in the Bronx NYC.
    Blogging is wonderful because you now belong to a cohort of like-mided bloggers.
    And yes, using technology in the classroom is often flying by the seat of your pants. LOL
    I’ve been blogging for a couple years with Blogger (via Gmail), but am now trying WordPress.

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