2010/365 photos and Blogging with your iPhone

Today many of us joined the 2010/365photos project.  With that commitment made, I wanted to find a fast, efficient way to upload photos to my blog, using my iPhone (see the link under Blogroll).  Read on if you’re trying to do the same.  It’s so easy!  Install Flickit and Flickr (free apps) on your iPhone.  You can also install Photoshop, another free app, to edit pics before you upload. 

In Flickr, set up your blog under “Your Accounts”, “Add a Blog”.  Flickr walks you through each step.  Watch for the extension you need to add if you’re a WordPress user.  I missed this the first time (still sleepy from New Year’s Eve?). You can add as many blogs as you want. 

Now you’re ready to go.  Back in Flickit, upload a photo from your library or a photo you’ve just taken.  After you’ve selected your picture, tap it for the details menu.  Scroll to the bottom, where you will see the link to your blog.  Tap, and voila, you’re done.  So tomorrow, when I take my daily shot, I open Flickit, find the pic, tap it, tap my blog name, done!  Only 364 more to go…..

Day 1: 90 yr. old Bert fiddlin’ with his teenage buddies. 


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