Bored of Book Reports? Go Glogster!

No need to fear the groans from your students after assigning the dreaded “book report”.  This month, my Gr. 7/8 students enjoyed discovering and using Glogster EDU for their summative book club assignment. Just the name alone was enough to pull them in, but after showing them an example Glogster I created one snow day based on our class read aloud novel, they were sold.  I was entertained while marking.

Grad photo day and Glogster
Using the webcam and netbooks, students create their “poster” book report.

Glogster is a virtual poster.  It’s a safe and secure site, offering free classroom accounts which your students can access from home.  Users can post pictures, videos, webcam and audio segments, sounds and text.  There’s something for everyone.  I’ll stop writing.  They can show you better than I can tell you.  Take a look at a few from TS30 and TS11 based on the project outline.


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