The Value of a 365 Photo Project

As we close out 2010, I added the last image to my 2010/365 photo project. While it took a serious commitment to keep it going, the process ensured I’d focus on at least one interesting or unique moment of every day. After uploading each image to Flickr, I’d often write a description and post it to my 2010 in Pictures blog. My family and students have come to view this project as part of who I am. In class, my students think nothing anymore of the many pictures I take throughout the day, and they often ask, “Is that going to be your picture of the day, Mrs. D.?” They enjoy the many images I share with them of my life outside of the classroom. Because of this project, they’ve learned about farming, flying and canoeing. My students know all of our pets by name. They know me.

Looking back on this year’s summary of events, I’m reminded of some of the wonderful and fascinating moments I experienced with my students. Little things, like the story Jadyn and Hailey wanted to share with me about their friendship. Delightful moments, like teaching my students how to podcast, while wearing pajamas. Making friends via Skype with students in Virginia and Manitoba. Emotional images, reminding me of the funeral of a fallen officer, an important member of our school community. Endings, as my grade eight students graduated and moved onto high school. New beginnings as I welcomed my new students in September.

I had seriously considered discontinuing the project this year, thinking I’d run out of ideas. But after reviewing my completed project for 2010, I’d be crazy not to keep it going. Many of those images were unexpected pleasures in my day. And with my poor memory, I don’t want to forget a thing!

And so begins 2011/365 photo project. I wonder what today’s picture of the day will be?

View below or click here for faster slideshow.


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